Welcome to Flat Earth Science and the Bible. We are a private ministry which was started as a page on Facebook. Now we have over 37,000 likes on Facebook, a YouTube Channel, and this website, all dedicated to proclaiming the truth about God’s True Creation and the validity of the Bible. It is our mission and our goal to help bring about a revival that will bring people back to the Bible. We believe Jesus is coming soon and that the Flat Earth Truth is part of the three angels messages in Revelation 14, to warn the world to come out of modern Babylon (Heliocentric Sun Worship, Atheism, Evolution, and the Big Bang) and to worship God, who created Heaven and Earth. We believe we are living in a modern Babylon of Satanic lies. The Flat Earth Truth dispels those deceptions and validates the Bible, bringing us to a deeper understanding of the Bible and our Creator.

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    has been Exposed!
    has been Revealed.
    We are about to go through the
    biggest, most powerful, and
    most dramatic wave of
    personal and social changes
    that has ever occurred
    in all of human history.
    Examine the evidence
    Please share this message
    with everyone.
    THE BIG LIE — Exposed!
    What are you willing to do
    as your part in the transformation?

  2. Well done website. Yahua’s earth is flat, finite and was made as a platform for man to live and choose. HaSatan’s only true weapon is deception and the globe in a moving expanding universe is a prime example of said deception. Again, well done!

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"And God said, Let there be lights IN THE FIRMAMENT of the heaven to divide the day from the night" Genesis 1:14