Flat Earth Solar Eclipse: Why the 2017 Solar Eclipse Proves the Flat Earth

The official NASA explanation of a Solar Eclipse is that the moon passes directly between the sun and the earth blocking the sun’s light, creating a total solar eclipse on the earth for those directly in the shadow path. There are several problems with this explanation.

The first main problem with the globe model is that the next solar eclipse on August 21 is coming from the west. We have been told that the moon rotates around the earth from east to west just like the sun. But the moon during the solar eclipse is eclipsing the sun from the WEST. So how does that work on the Ball earth model? They say it’s just an optical illusion because of the angle of the sun. One scientist from NASA said its because the moon rotates from west to east! What? And another scientist said the the moon rotates around the earth twice as fast as the earth spins! Huh? When did that happen? The explanations from NASA get even more confusing and make no sense. If their “science” is so accurate, then why can’t they agree on which way the moon rotates around the earth or how fast it’s going? Something is amiss. Could it be something other than the moon eclipsing the sun?

Ketu and Rahu Cause the Eclipses-Flat Earth Truth

Another MAJOR problem with the Ball earth model is that the path of the total eclipse shadow that is coming on August 21 in North America (and all paths of the solar eclipses) is only 73 miles across! How can a shadow be SMALLER than the object casting the shadow? This is physically impossible! We know from experience that shadows can be the same size or larger than the object casting the shadow, but it can never be smaller. We are told that the moon is 2,159 miles in diameter. So shouldn’t the moon’s shadow on earth be at LEAST 2,159 miles wide? But instead we are given the path of the next eclipse across the United States and it is only 73 miles wide. You have to be in a very specific location to even see the total eclipse.

We also know that the farther away an object is the larger its shadow is. So how can the shadow of the moon be SMALLER than the moon when the moon is 2,159 miles wide and is 238,900 miles away?

This is how shadows work:

Well according to NASA, the sun’s rays during a lunar eclipse (only), converge on the moon and create a laser affect.

However, at every other time the sun’s rays are always depicted as shining in straight direct rays at earth, which is necessary in order to account for the shadows we see from the sunlight.

NASA (Never A Straight Answer) changes its story whenever it helps explain phenomena they can’t explain.

Another big problem with the paths of the solar eclipses on the globe model is that they make strange up and down patterns that really make no sense on a globe. How can a zigzag pattern be possible on the globe model?

Well if you look at the SAME paths drawn out on a flat earth map, then you get ovals, circular paths of the eclipse around the flat earth! The earth is FLAT!

Path of Totality Doesn’t Make Sense on a Globe- Flat Earth Truth

Here’s a great video explaining the absurdity of a solar eclipse in the Globe earth model:

The Moon is only 70 Miles Wide
https:// youtu.be/sU97ZzdS7O8

Video: Why the 2017 Solar Eclipse Proves the Flat Earth Once and For All

 The solar eclipse is a localized event and these localized eclipses happen all the time! This is only possible with a local sun and moon, or whatever is blocking the sun. More proof that the earth is flat and the sun and moon are close and small.

Top Ten Undeniable Proofs the Earth is Flat

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25 thoughts on “Flat Earth Solar Eclipse: Why the 2017 Solar Eclipse Proves the Flat Earth”

  1. Wow, ok, your light source is either smaller than or the same size as the moon in your demonstrations. The diffuser used by the university is meant to project a light source that is 400 times larger than the moon. There is so much blatant disregard for basic physics that you can’t even be taken seriously. I’m opened minded and I’m trying to understand your point of view but you make it very difficult when you cherry pick your data and then do not give a logical explanation as to why this happens. The path of totality is 73 miles. Do you believe the moon is 73 miles wide? How wide is the sun? This kind of ignorance is a blight on skeptics everywhere.

    1. So we go from what we know and can observe to what we don’t know, right? I’m just starting to investigate all this flat earth stuff and find some claims rather interesting. I haven’t found an answer for everything yet, but there are some facts you just can’t get around. I was in Oregon last September and saw the eclipse with my own eyeballs and it was amazing! I understand the preposition that the sun is so huge that it casts it’s light around the moon, thus making the moon’s shadow smaller, until I realized that from the earth’s perspective, the moon is the same size as the sun–otherwise there wouldn’t have been a total eclipse! So no light “leaking” around the moon making the shadow smaller, and the sun dial explanation confirms as well that the sun’s light hits the earth in one direction only.
      The other thing that was shocking to me and I didn’t realize until it was pointed out is that if the moon rises in the east, then it should have eclipsed the sun from east to west–but with my own eyes I witnessed the moon eclipsing the sun from west to east! I looked at all the NASAish explanations, and no amount of fancy footwork can explain that away.
      Finally, I’ve found a few flat earth experiments on YouTube done by average folk, and one guy set up a laser on a frozen lake and then went 7.5 miles to the other end. Water finds it’s own level, so a frozen lake is the perfect environment to test the theory. The curvature of the earth calculations are 7.5mi x 7.5mi x 8″ / 12″ = a 37.5 ft drop in elevation, which means that unless he was on a 40 foot scaffolding, he wouldn’t have been able to see the laser–BUT he observed (and showed on the video) it was right at ground level!
      In our quest for truth, let us continue to go from what we know and can observe to what we don’t know. 🙂

  2. First: the way you think shadows work is hardly half correct. The further away the light is from the object blocking it, the smaller the shadow cast by the object. This is because the light is able to pass around the object, which does “focus” the shadow. You can demonstrate this in your own house with any light and any object. I just did with my phone and my fingers. Big and blurry next to my phone, smaller and more refined the further they got.
    Second: how about you cite your sources on these “NASA” “scientists” you claim can’t keep a story straight.
    Third: to prove you’re not a hypocrit, tell me why flat-earthers like SpaceCowgirl on twitter think their is an antimoon that causes eclipses, and you claim the moon does ” moon, or whatever”, as you put it.
    Third: spellcheck is your friend.

  3. Adlezeluryh
    I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. Try it right now and don’t lie. Put a flash light to your finger and shadow will be big and blurry. Pull flash light away and shadow darken and sharpen. BUT, listen well friend, BUT the shadow NEVER EVER get smaller then the actual finger size. I’ve tried with powerful 12000 lumen LED lights, with car headlights and also flashlights. You will not get a smaller shadow then the actual figure.

    1. Okay hold your finger like 50ft from a wall and have the light source 50 feet farther and see how it works out

  4. The Sun isn’t a simple “point source” like a flashlight. It’s a huge source of light, beaming out light in every direction from a considerable distance away relative to the Earth and the Moon. A better analogy would be the shadow of a marble in the light of a bonfire.

  5. You are 100% correct!!! And with that bogus heliocentric model they would never be able to predict the path of this “shadow” down to the second years in advance……Wait, What?

    1. Man, they let anyone on the internet, don’t they? Lol Satire site indeed. Internet trolls doing what they do best.

      1. Haha thanks. Actually it’s not satire! The earth is not a spinning ball, which is easily proven if you use your eyes and observe the reality you live in instead of believing NASA and all their CGI FAKE pictures of earth. Everything we observe shows us that we live on a flat stationary earth. So please prove we live on a constantly curving ball that spins. Where’s the curve?

  6. No one ever answers this question but what exactly is to be gained by a worldwide cover-up of the earth being flat????

    1. To hide God, make us think we are tiny specs in an endless universe. Satan is clever. We’ve taken God out of society and look what’s happened to us.

    2. Dear Alan Murphy,
      The reason the Flat earth is being hiden is to hide GOD from us, to make us believe that we are small, insignifacent, not important etc. By lying to us(for many years)they remove our created earth from us, remove our LORD from us, and make us believe in silly things like a big bang theory, evolution and many more silly unscientific topics. Please do NOT believe me, just do some research, look for yourself. Also please excuse my spelling, and have a great life Mr. Murphy. God really IS Great. Thnku you sir for your time

  7. Do you ever see the shadow of an eagle flying high in the sky? Or of a plane high in the sky? Observe how the aircraft’s shadow gets bigger and bigger when it reaches near the ground. Yes, the shadow does get smaller than the object if the plain on which the shadow is being made gets further away from the object. And it is different in case of a light source million miles away from a light source near you, example light bulb.

  8. If the earth is flat why don’t we get photos of the edge? Why does it look spherical from space? Why don’t we fall off the edge? Is the moon flat too?

  9. You don’t understand the distances involved, if the sun was a car headlight you’d need a grain of sand as the earth a few miles away. The earth is a globe do some research👍

  10. The eclipse isn’t the shadow… it did cast a shadow though. Here over a thousand miles from the point of totality it got darker. I did not see the moon completely blot out the sun though, I seen a crescent because our planet is round and it did not pass directly above me.

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