No Curve at 121,000 Feet! High Altitude Balloon Cam Reveals the True Flat Earth

This balloon footage from a high altitude piggy cam at 121,000 feet shows a flat earth! The flat earth horizon rises to eye level and has no curvature at all. Any slight "curvature" you see is from the lens and the movement of the camera. This is conclusive flat earth proof. When the camera is not moving, you can clearly see that the earth is also not moving. And you can see that the close, small sun is illuminating locally. If you have eyes to see, then see the truth! We are not living on a spinning ball!

Watch it on YouTube

Top Ten Undeniable Flat Earth Proofs

13 thoughts on “No Curve at 121,000 Feet! High Altitude Balloon Cam Reveals the True Flat Earth”

      1. You wouldn’t notice the slight curvature at that point. You have to take into effect the scale of the earth and your field of vision at 23 miles up in the air.


  1. ” If ” the world is a Globe as we have been taught, at 121,000 feet up (22.91 miles) how much curvature should we expect to see, even at 500,000 ft? This should be able to be illustrated in a 3D CAD program in real life units. These result would be easily compared to real life experiments such as when in a high altitude balloon. Its either a sphere or a flat! I will continue to question everything as the bible has taught so that I am not blinded by the master of deception. I am almost 50 and have always assumed science to be accurate and the earth to be a sphere, my mind should be convinced and 100% indoctrinated with this teaching. (like the saying goes, “can’t teach a horse new tricks”.


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