Vendee Global Yacht Race Route Points to a Flat Earth

The Vendee Global Yacht race “around the world” (Antarctica) every four years is highly suspect as a fraudulent event. There is evidence that they may not be actually circling Antarctica at all. Oh, the racers really race to the south, but the actual course is not what they say it is. This points towards more evidence that the earth is flat. The official Vendee Global Yacht race map route:  
If the earth is indeed flat then there is no Antarctic continent for them to circle around. You would expect, that if there WAS an actual Antarctic continent the race would begin at a point near Antarctica. They should start the race somewhere in Chile with a big fanfare and cameras. Then they would circle around Antartica and the race would end at the Antarctic Peninsula or Deception Island. That would make much more sense since circling around a whole continent on the bottom of the globe is quite a feat.

Instead, however, the race begins in the north in France!? The racers begin in France and head south to Antarctica. They are supposedly going from West to East along the Antarctic Continent and circling the globe and passing by all the continents. In such a difficult race, you would think that they would have regular checkpoints at the cape of each major continent with fans cheering them on. This is not the case though. There are NO CHECKPOINTS along Antarctica or other continents. This is highly suspect! What are they hiding?

  The purpose of beginning and ending the race in France could very well be to throw off viewers and racers enough so that they don’t catch on to the fact that the earth is actually flat and there is no continent to go around. Most likely, the actual route goes from France to near the tip of Africa and then from East to West along the Antarctic ice wall to the tip of South America and then back up to France. 

  It is interesting to note that the ice wall is always to the left of the racers in pictures and video. If they were traveling around the globe in the route depicted by Vendee Global then the ice wall should be on their right. In the race they travel along Antarctic with the ice wall on their left. This is only possible if you are traveling from East to West, which fits the flat earth race route, NOT the globe race route. 


If the following picture is the official route of the race then why isn’t the ice wall to their right? And why are they starting the race in France?

This may not be proof of the flat earth, but certain details of the race are highly suspect and questionable. The race becomes more clear and understandable when we look at the flat earth map.
  The earth is Flat! Research it!

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5 thoughts on “Vendee Global Yacht Race Route Points to a Flat Earth”

  1. It’s my understanding you can’t travel past the 60th parrarllel South (Antartica Treaty 1961)… so how could they go around Antartica even if it is a globe?


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