NO CURVE AT 114,824 ft. Amazing Flat Earth Balloon footage

 The only way it is possible for the horizon to rise to eye level at 114,824 (21 miles) is for the earth to be a flat plane. If earth was a ball you would have to look down further and further at the horizon as you ascended higher and higher. The horizon could never rise to eye level on a ball. It’s a BALL and the horizon continuously curves downward to the underside of the ball. 


Many NASA videos and other video from high altitudes show a dramatically curved earth. This is due to the use of fisheye lenses and Go Pro cameras. They use these on purpose to distort reality. 

Please watch and enjoy this balloon footage showing a completely flat horizon. This is our flat earth. It’s where you’ve been living this whole time. Where’s the curve?

Original video link

4 thoughts on “NO CURVE AT 114,824 ft. Amazing Flat Earth Balloon footage”

  1. Where is the moon? Where are all the satellites? Where are all the planes that take flight every hour , every minute and every second? Also where are all the military security flights that do not appear as well as the fact that at the level 115 ths ft you should have crashed into the dome considering the waters above and below as stated in the fabricated delusional book in which case is totally unreliable when we consider actual facts and yes mind you why are all the other planets round to include the sun as is above so it is below or as it is in heaven and so it is on earth? But really its the same. But heres the real catch and that is you didn’t capture the moon. When it comes between the sun and the earth we should clearly see them both. So flat, round or disc it is still a camera that has a lense that appears to be lost in its translational view if our sphere………Ponder ………..pause for critical thinking now lets explain shadows and what is illumination. The bible does not literally say the earth is flat. In fact everything you say the bible says is in fact lost in translation and interpretation until you actually take a flight from point a too point and as you say the earth is not moving and yet if you sit still and stay off the mushrooms you can literally feel the earth not only moving, but you can feel its pulsation or heart beat. Also have you ever noticed anything about the Orion constellation and that of Cairo and Giza or how about that moon and all those things flying bcack and forth from one planet to another. Then of course theres is the ” NORTH STAR “. Really though its as simple as playing billiards, tennis, baseball or soccer in that it appears we are in a vacuum, so we are falling and yet it appears the earth is dying because it not possible to escape a black hole or a u think uts called a ” Supernova ” that is not in the religious text or meteors, ecetera.

    Theres lots more to reveal but we really need to throw the bible aka book in latin and greek in the trash. Why? Inconsistencies as well as plagiarism when we consider the word or truth.
    God fir example is only an 800 year old word. Fact. Also did you know that the people in the book or biblio are roughly 3000 or more years old. Of course in your mind the character fake Jesus because we know everything by now has already been a make over. So most peiple who claim to have read the book aka bible you know samething that read it in its entirety ignor these inconvenient truths like this verse Mth 16 vs 28 or John 3 vs 17 as well when you consider what a supreme being is then we reason with sanity and realize if there were aG-d that it cannot die because it cannot take to being born from sin. Or are all female virgins without sin. Think, contemplate, and then awaken Neo because your feeding the wrong wolf.


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