Ocean Tides on Flat Earth Explained

The electromagnetic energy of the sun and moon directly creates tides because of the diamagnetic properties of water. The sun, actually being close and small, has an immediate and local affect on the ocean. 

Proof of the Close Flat Earth Sun

Water Is naturally diamagnetic, which means it repels a magnetic field. It creates a magnetic field in opposition to an externally applied magnetic field. The close sun is a positive electromagnetic energy repelling the water in the ocean, creating low tides and and the moon is a negative electromagnetic energy causing high tides. They work together like a perfectly designed machine.

If you look on a flat earth map, the path of the sun through the year (tropic of cancer to the tropic of Capricorn) is exactly where all the most and extreme tides are found on earth. When the sun and moon are perfectly aligned on flat earth the tides are highest.

In the following video you will see experiments done with water being repelled by magnets and creating a ripple affect. 
Flat Earth: Tides and the electromagnetic energy of the sun and moon, Part 1:
Flat Earth: Tides and the electromagnetic energy of the sun and moon, Part 2: 

Top Ten Undeniable Flat Earth Proofs

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4 thoughts on “Ocean Tides on Flat Earth Explained”

  1. I would like to add a couple things that the creator has shown me. So along with the movement of the sun and moon they both heat and cool the massive amounts of water in our oceans. Suns energy heats the water expanding the water as when the moon passes over it cools the water contracting it. This expanding and contracting is an added reason to why the tides move as they do. Also helping to create turbulent air above the mass amount of water being moved…aka jet streams. The sun is not hot or cold it is a cold fusion generator that produces gamma, x, and microwave energy alone with various waves of light. Its the gamma and microwaves that heat the air, surfaces, and any other material that has density in our wonderful world. The moons light has an opposite and reverse effect of the sun….cooling everything with negative energy…which can actually be felt and measured to be real.


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